A Paradox



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Being poked

I had to get my blood drawn today. I was there for almost two hours. Had three different people poking my arms trying to get a vein. After the first hour of poking I started to cry. 


I’m glad its over.


Yesterday I was walking the grounds where I work getting ready for a wedding. From a distance I saw a kid about 10 years old running around like a maniac with no supervision on the lawn. I was on my way to go see what he was doing when I was stopped by a client with a question. A few minutes later I was able to walk over to the area I saw the kid and saw him crouched behind a bench. As I got closer he saw me and jumped up pulling up his pants. He then ran off down the creek and into the culvert like a scared wild animal. I looked behind the bench just 3 feet away from the day’s ceremony site and saw a pile of steaming human poop. That little kid took a dump!! wtf.

Forget Everything

Forget everything I’ve said before. I have contemplated starting a new blog, but then realized that to be a true reflection of myself I would want to keep the old blog with posts from years ago. My old post are from a time when I did not work 60 hours a week and had all the time in the world to find cool and inspiring things on the internet. Lately I have been missing inspiration, and blogging. Today, I was working a memorial. My role as event manager today required me to listen to the speeches and memories waiting for the right moment to press play. So while I had the music cued up I listened to a very heartfelt story about this man who was an air-force pilot and it seemed all around badass. As the speaker, a very surly large bearded man’s man began to break down and sob I pressed play and over the speakers came the Eagles Desperado. This song has long been a favorite of mine. And evidently it was the deceased favorite too. This was a pretty heavy moment and I realized that I am party to many heavy moments. Years ago I was searching for moments, now they come to me daily. It is my job to be a part of peoples heavy moments. All of these moments just sit in my heart. I am so used to it now that I don’t even talk about the heavy, personal moments I am part of every day. So today I decided it would be “healthy” for me to blog. Mostly my new blogs will be a way for me to document and release all of these little moments.  I will need to keep details vague to keep the anonymity of my clients. I know I’d be weirded out if I found out my very personal moments were being blogged about. 

So True

"You have two choices: You can come down from the mountain and spend the rest of your days thinking it was so beautiful there, or you can create a vision, look upward, see the next mountain, and start the climb all over again."

—  Oprah

Lots of awesome insightful internal dialog, no time to blog it.

Christmas Goose

5D Mark II & a macro lens

Christmas at my house

Neon Boyfriend. 

Paper Camera App

Man, I’m lagging on blogging. It’s not like I’ve been too busy. It is more the fact that I have someone to share my life with, so I no longer feel compelled to use my blog to vent. But I love the creative process of blogging so, now I need to re establish a purpose for blogging. Or maybe start another blog dedicated to creativity. 

Bought myself a fancy new Scooter. 

Yes Please. Oxygen!

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